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What is Ancients of Fasaria Chess Club?

Ancients of Fasaria Chess Club is a multiplayer online chess game and community exclusive to steam members. A one time fee provides an access key which grants one player a life time membership to the game and community. AoF Chess Club can be played through any web browser and can be accessed through your cell phone or tablet. No banner advertisements, bots or pay to win schemes, just chess.

Play against other players, climb the ranks, link your profile to your steam profile, upload an avatar and become a champion!
Score and Player Ranking:

An Elo score is granted to every player based upon how he/she competes against other players. This score also makes it easy to find fair matches with other players. Our match making system makes it super easy to start multiple games with other players of your similar playing level. All players are also placed on our leader board based upon their Elo score to be ranked among other players.
Exclusive to Steam Members:

Ancients of Fasaria: Chess Club is exclusive to the steam community. This means you need a steam account in order to play. You can also link your steam profile to your in game profile so you can easily connect with other players on steam.
Notable Features Include:

★ No monthly fees, banner ads or other revenue generation. Just a one time fee for a lifetime membership.
★ Ancients of Fasaria is Steam Exclusive. No players from outside the steam community.
★ Launches from any web browser. Can be played as a stand alone game from any web browser on any platform.

Ancients of Fasaria: Chess Club Game Link:

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