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Dean Daimon is a side scrolling action game. You control your bike and drive your way through hordes of enemies in order to reach your destination alive. You will start with a simple pistol. Blow up stuff to collect cash to upgrade your weapons. Just press space (pause) to access the store to buy new guns!

Enemy will try to attack and destroy you. Fight them! When its getting to difficult, avoid the enemy bullets by hiding behind other vehicules.

Control your bike with wsad or arrow keys.
Aim and shoot with your mouse.
Pause the game with the spacebar.
You can switch weapons pressing the key from 1 to 6.

Dean Kirost, once a corporate executive, is scapegoated and expunged by the corrupt corporate leaders, and is now a fugitive. Not giving up, he resorts to violence to free himself from the clutches of the authorities. Play as Dean and ride your bike, the Daimon, through the highway.
Defend yourself by destroying the cops with deadly accuracy who are trying to kill you! Buy powerful weapons to help you defeat wave after wave of enemies, and win!

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