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Tacopocalypse is a humorous 3D stunt driving p game. If a professional skateboarder retired to food p, it would look like this. You must deliver tacos, boost your earnings by nailing tricks to unlock new vehicles, customizations and discover additional songs; all while surviving the apocalypse!
Key Features:
Timed arcade action across 4 maps
Race to the top of the leaderboard by making stylish deliveries
Unlock the Hot Hatch or Vandetta vehicles to alter your play-style

Fast-Paced p Stunt Driving
Play alone or with up to 3 friends in split-screen
Boost cash by completing stunts
Avoid obstacles to make as many deliveries as possible

Choose from a selection of 90’s inspired vehicles
Unlock new paint jobs and accessories to customize your vehicle’s appearance
Customize your playlist by finding hidden Mixtapes

Nostalgic 90´s style theme and soundtrack
Experience a unique disaster per iconic city
Discover collectibles hidden across each city

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